See Eastimate in action

It's easy to start using Eastimate, but if you want an overview you can learn everything you need by watching the videos below.

They are in total about 3 minutes, so I'm sure you'll think it's well spent time.

Video walk-through

1. Add your tasks and subtasks

This video shows how you can structure your project into tasks and subtasks, and shows time-saving functions like 'Duplicate group' and 'Move into new folder'.

2. Make your time estimates

Eastimate automatically creates a graphical timeline when you add estimated times to your tasks, as well as summaries of number of hours and costs.

3. Assign, delay and reorder tasks

By dragging a task's bar in the calendar you can add delay the start of a task or create a constraint that makes a task wait until another task is completed.

4. Team - Setup hourly rates and schedules

In Eastimate you can set up different schedules for your team mates, and the timeline and summaries are updated automatically.

5. Share your projects with team and clients

Eastimate is made to be a collaborative tool, where you can share your project with your team or client. You can also decide who should be able to make changes.

Try it out!

It only takes a couple of minutes to get started with Eastimate, so launch the app now and try it out. There's a big chance you'll love it!